Tuesday , January 19th 2021
Intermediate C Programming

Intermediate C

Teach Your Students How to Program Well Intermediate C Programming provides a stepping-stone for intermediate-level students to go from…

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Programming Language Explorations

Programming Language

Programming Language Explorations is a tour of several modern programming languages in use today. The book teaches fundamental language…

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The D Programming Language

The D Programming

“To the best of my knowledge, D offers an unprecedentedly adroit integration of several powerful programming paradigms: imperative, object-oriented,…

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Concepts in Programming Languages

Concepts in Programming

Concepts in Programming Languages elucidates the central concepts used in modern programming languages, such as functions, types, memory management,…

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The Rust Programming Language

The Rust Programming

The Rust Programming Language is the official book on Rust, an open-source, community-developed systems programming language that runs blazingly…

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